Fidget Cube Brass e Xuanji hands, staring eyes inexplicable in front of a long time, only a wry smile Please forgive vice vice mason, the disciples in the high mountain and purple fox fight, the mask She was taken away, leaving the abyss He lies again Xuanji looked at fidget cube brass him blankly, the hearts of some bad premonition suddenly Lost Vice Miyajiang voice rose a tune, eyes suddenly Gu Lulu turn two, a moment before smiles That s no harm, lost it lost it After all, you are still from the Secretary Ze Palace to the people, and others girl non pro old haunt, not always with her in the sideYou will be with us itOver two days back from Ze Palace, and Miyaji to explain things Not later Yu Si fidget cube noise feng face gray, biting his lips, eyes like the deepest night, bottomless For a long time, Fang said disciples obey Xuanji for the first time to see him reveal this look As if despair and hope, pain and frustration thickly intertwined, and finally become an unknown color, blooming in his eyes, the deep, as if the human soul to be sucked into the same Her heart surprised.his thigh, cried Xian Gu let them experience, they will Let them stay this way I ll go with you No, said the slave, with a sigh Well, you ll go and get those people s solutions, and tell them to go home Purple fox had hastily ran back, a roll on the spot, soul obsession, purple smoke slowly turned into a stunning beauty fidget cube brass She will own body stuffed into his sleeve, this unlock the surgery of those people, and whether they are ignorant and confused, quickly told them to go home, three months after the mountain to continue Cultivation Then she ran, and turned into a small fidget cube brass fox, lying on the pavilion slaves, rushed to the foot of the mountain to catch When the two arrived at the edge of Hongze Lake, surrounded by empty, Tingu around the river bank to find it again, only to find a Ruyi tied to the ring jasper, it is Zhongmin statement body ornaments They really met those demon Ting slave pale, I do not know is cold or because of panic Purple fox whole body wet, ruthless dumped the rejection, only said Why are you so concerned about th.

and said Give you Her throat uttered a vague groan, his face suddenly burned up, fidget cube purchase and finally felt a hint of shame, the heart is joy and surprise, a moment actually speechless Chapter forty second chapter floating jade island a Has been to the West archway, Xuanqi face of the red tide not fade down Her hand holding the soft fragrance of the fidget cube brass Hosta flower, the hearts of Mingmingboming, that joy is also with a trace of strange throbbing, as if in an instant to understand something, but specifically what she could not tell Suddenly felt Yu Si feng took his hand, her heart Yi Chan, Qieqie to rise to see him He smiled slightly, eyes warm and sympathetic, like spring water in general, after a while, softly It looks good She has not faded down the red tide, because his words, but also flooded up, even the neck is red Uh this, this Well She incoherent, simply do not know what to say, but fortunately he did not listen to her talk, suddenly turned to look forward Xuanji secretly relieved, finally not so embarrassed Along his eyes forward.of purple Yan Ying instantly turned into a powder, embarrassed fled to the corner, it was easy to reunion shape, his face horror at Xuanji, as if she is from the hell out of the Evil spirits Chapter Thirteen Purple Fox s Secret 2 She was stabbed, the right arm was cut off a large piece of flesh, but no blood, only the purple fog, no longer gather together That little girl, the sword must have weird Purple fox staring at her sword in the hands, I do not know her dazzling, or that strange sword, the opposite Xuanji who seems to be covered with a thin layer of silver, her pale cheek, it is not like a real person Can hurt her soul sword, I m afraid not any device, if the fight with her go on like this, their very suffer, once the fidget cube amazon buy injury to the key, is the destruction of the soul thing Mindful of this, purple fox altogether on the ground called a roll, escaped Xuanji stabbed another sword, the whole person turned into a mass of purple fog, got into the fox body Once the return to the original, the fox to move up, sensitive to a vert.lled from the door, free wandering horizon can be Zhong Minyan startled for a long while, and finally moved, turned to look Chen Minjue, said nothing User upload chapter third volume unintentional Xuanji thirty eighth chapter betrayal five Do not kill Wu Tong malicious smile, as if a cat in the tease prey In fact, he saw anything through it Yu Si feng look dignified He has long been seen Zhongmin statement is not really true, he clearly knows everything, but also pretended to make clear that fidget cube uk for sale the juggle Sensitive You should be able to see out Do not play him again If we work together at the moment, there are half of the opportunity to rush out If he was so confused by words, the consequences could be disastrous He turned to look at Zhong Minyan, his face pale, I do not know what to think Suddenly as if determined, turned to Chen Minjue Chen Minjue scared back a few steps, cried Six children Hey six sub you crazy fidget cube uae Zhong Min What do you think Voice hardly ever, just listen to hang to cry, Zhong Minyan sword in hand, his eyes dark.

Fidget Cube Brass said, interrupting him I ll wait until he does not come out Deputy masters of the hands of the fan finally stopped shaking, across the mask, his eyes like a cold, it is creepy Behind several Qingpao are immediately approached, but he stopped his hand raised, stopped and whispered I do not Miyaji good temper, you do not have to fight Xuanji light I have not Secretary Feng s good temper, you do not force me fidget cube brass Bold Behind several Qingpao Li He soon as, immediately stepped forward Xuanji firmly hold the collapse of jade, to speak mind agitation, the body s infuriating as if with the collapse of jade from the induction, waves rolled up in the chest waves, boundless Huh fidget cube release day Deputy Miyaji a cry, hurriedly raising his hand to stop the people behind him He stared at Xuanji, from head to toe, from the tip to the fingertips, as if she suddenly changed the individual For a long time, the hands of his fan and creak Ya Ya shook up, had just burst of heavy air seems to have disappeared all of a sudden He patted Yu Si feng with a fan, he laughed XIII The situation must ask days a When the soft fragrant fans of the floating Yuyu Island disciples, the next morning woke up in the misty and found the house empty, hurriedly rush to report to you when the head, Xuanji they swam the sea, Sword We flew to salvation kiosk on the way At the moment Xuanji nose red, rubbing his eyes, in the end the night did not sleep, big night and strenuous in the sea swim more than an hour, ashore after the non stop Sword flight, that is, some iron people too much We are going to where to find slaves She asked, suddenly a itchy nose, and even playing several sneezing, almost fell from the sword to go Wow is certainly daddy scold us She sniffed, red fidget cube mediumorchid all the nose and eyes, looks more and more like a little rabbit Purple fox lying on her shoulders, silky fur floating in the wind, beautiful and air, listen to her say, sidewalk I do not think your dad in curse, you have to be careful, do not get sick Thought, think this is too close, then grunted, then said If the disease, delay to save the Pavil.

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