Fidget Cube Darkred ck to the ground Yu Si feng will be looking at her, seems to ask her what to say Xuanji hesitated for a long time, gradually calm down, biting his lips, light said I thought about itWe saved after exquisite, to find Like floating jade island the same place, together Do not ever separate, okay Waiting for a long time, he did not speak, Xuanji under the heart began to panic, a mess and said That there are big brother Slave Slave Slave nothing can also look back to Shaoyang and exquisite six brothers Go to Ze Palace look at your master division brothers Suddenly her hand was grasped, stuttering, then suddenly disconnected Xuanji stared up, stared at him to come over, close to the ear, whisper your heart really think so She suddenly stays, clutching his sleeve s hand involuntarily loose Yu Sifeng stood upright, faint turned around and looked out the window of the dense fog, light Xuanji, I am a selfish personNot absolutely, I do not believe AbsoluteWhat is absolute She took a deep breath, looked at him quietly, he is a smile on her.o very fast, it seems did not find the soles of the feet hidden in the woods a few uninvited guests Until they have been far away, Xuanji immediately fly out like an arrow, anxious Purple Fox You go in Purple fox leaning behind her, said nothing, just pinch a bit of her hand She really can not say anything Seeing that we should fly to the middle of the cracked mountain, the sword suddenly violently Akira a bit, they almost fell off, purple fox alarmed, grabbed her sleeve, urgent how Voice hardly ever, suddenly felt my heart suddenly Yi Chan, it seems that by what induction, stared at mid air Someoneoff my candle She only had time to say this sentence, the whole person will break the kite as a general from the sword straight out floating out User upload chapter third volume unintentional Xuanji Chapter thirty first chapter crisis string seven Everyone saw the purple fox fell from the sword, are in unison exclaimed, waiting to go to rescue is too late, watched her fall to the ground, surrounded by crowded evil spirits herd, rushi.

or a while Then giggle, laughing to continue to stay Yusi Feng this time with her day and night, know she initiated to stay What people do not care, so do fidget cube neon not control her He has his fidget cube desk toy amazon own thing to bother The root cause of trouble is hidden in the chest pocket piece of dead bark mask Deputy Miyaji has come to the floating jade island, he did not continue to escape the room, today there is an excuse not see tomorrow to see He did not know how to explain For anyone, can not explain But now Minmin Chen Min sense they have come to the floating jade island, it was to Xuanji holding a Chen Min Jian Jian Xuan Ji staring at the collapse of jade giggle to look like, not help the odd Little Shimei so like collapse of jade ah, stare every day to see, is it and it speaks Xuanji smiled, gently stroked the body of the sword, a long while before Ah I do not know how With it especially compatibility, as if born to me the same thing Chen smiled and said This is good, the weapon is to choose their own satisfaction, but you can do the collapse of th.ose his mask, I m afraid to see a Qixie bleeding face He is not dead Is not by the irreparable serious injury Her whole body are irrepressible trembling, eyes staring at the mask goes on crying No, she remembered the Secretary of the Phoenix half of the mask is half the tears to smile She hesitated to reach out, in the mask to explore, it has now become a cry, the smiling half disappeared Only some of the mouth to smile Si Feng She screamed, a will to pick the mask Surprisingly, the face under the mask did not like her imagination distorted or seventy something bleeding, it was a pale face, long eyebrows into the temples, the nose if the hanging bile, it is her impression four years ago that cold arrogant To juvenile He grew up, out of the kind of juvenile Sentimental, clear outline, like a tall and straight pines or bamboo, as Zhong Minyan said, see the Secretary phoenix that guy, always think of some very elegant things, We are parents of life support, people will be able to look so long ye then Xuan Ji hand, touched his face.murmured Division Phoenix He looked back and looked at her quietly Or the kind of eyes, from a sunny afternoon, he used to look at her eyes That green grass, blue sky, the fidget cube darkred red world of blinding He does not look Look at her, only fidget cube desk toy amazon looked at her a person Suddenly a hot face Is his hand to ask up Finger like the most detailed description of the porcelain in general, gently rubbing her facial lips Like to take her face to feel, printed in my mind Xuanji, he said, his voice very low and soft, like the spring breeze in March, I m leaving for a few days, and you take care of yourself, you know fidget cube darkred She still do not understand, since it is to leave a few days, why his eyes are farewell to the general deep He suddenly leaned on her, lips wiping her ear, murmured I tell you a secretTo know that life is very difficult, but you is I willingly people He bowed gently on her face, like a salty sea breeze wiped the past Xuanji breathed a sigh of relief, looked up to see, he has, and deputy masters down the mountain Can not let him go Her heart sudd.

Fidget Cube Darkred e General Assembly places, she asked me to bring this sword, if you encounter, put fidget cube darkred the sword to you Xuan Ji see Zhebing Jian beautiful shape, and she has seen a variety of swords are not the same, slightly narrow blade, but the cold air blowing, daunting Her heart very happy, murmured Thank you, thank you daddy Chen smiled and said Little Sister, you fidget cube coupon do not know how fast this sword, I let you see, fidget cube white and blue this is not lost to the magic weapon He readily picked up a piece of residual pumpkin on the table skin, gently to the sword on a throw, everyone watched the pumpkin skin broken in half, fell to the ground He unplugged his hair, placed it on the sword, and took a deep breath The hair was broken Good sharp Xuanji praise Chu Lei Wen said how to buy fidget cube With the collapse of jade, mountain and mountain encounter Gaoshi mountain that kind of demons, fidget cube darkred they no longer have to worry about You have to be good to it, not blasphemous artifact Xuanji since the collapse of jade tied in the waist, Yu Si feng s sword back to him, sometimes touching the collapse of j.ot ask a result He did not say what the thirteenth ring, not to say that mask what means crying and laughing, Xuanji knew not fidget cube mediumvioletred ask, can only stay with him in a daze Yu Si fung himself pondered for a while, his face quickly restored as usual, start from his waist after the outline of the gold bladder out of bandages, all wet, spread on the floor, and pick the two most straight branches, Xuanji beckoned, Come, I ll take your bone dressing Xuanji obediently to his right hand, hey smirk, asked how do you know my right hand fracture he bowed his head carefully for the broken bones, long eyelashes flash suddenly, ear hear her call, so light Road Endured the point, right away After a while, then said You were fidget cube darkred injured, I knew that can not deal with those demons, so take you forced jumped into the lakeWith the undercurrent of the lake down, when the land did not pay attention, stepped into the hole, Yuehua Jian, he has hands and feet deftly for her bone dressing, tied tightly with the two branches together, to ensure that will not fall.

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