Fidget Cube On Youtube big things, he whispered, looking back at the black candles that he had moved to the sacrificial altar See for a moment Finally turned away drifting away Xuanji slowly woke up from the black sweet town, I feel whole body without any effort As if by who back in the back, staggering, the man s footsteps very light, like fear of awakening her She moved a little, the man immediately found, whispered wake up Yusi Feng is the voice She suddenly opened his eyes, looked around, or that gloomy days, or that a hand fidget cube on youtube can be extracted from the full moon, they are still not Hill week Behind a person came to hold her neck, snappily said The injured do not tamper with It is Zhong Minyan She obediently leaning on the back of Secretary Yusi Feng, close to his hair, the hearts of empty talk fidget cube review to the ground, a long while before they murmured We This is where Yushi Feng light The purple fox is not to say that the lair of demons in the northwest What We go there He referred to the name of the purple fox, Xuanji heart is a grief, eyes burst of hot, him, but he laughed, patted his shoulder, turned away Small fox small fox Liu Yihuan shouting soul called the same, turned around, and finally saw the shrink in Xuanqi arms to purple fox, the moment opened a white teeth, wretched smile, walked past What are you doing Purple fox vigilant stare at him, that he was a big hand stretched it out, put her up, wine smell blowing, scared her screaming Let me see you later can be difficult to see it Liu Yiyuan said, in her hairy face fiercely pro shocked she was froze Ah, the little girl should take care He backhand to stiff purple fox thrown Xuanji, smiled to her, people can always save back, do not be too anxious Xuanji nodded his head blankly, to see him again toward the Zhong Minyan walked there Zhong Minyan has always been not good for him to see him staggering came immediately to hate to let go, who knows he only looked up at him, sneer, did not speak, and then fidget cube reviews around to the Ruoyu fidget cube on youtube there Well, or you the wise man Liu Yi Huan patted the shoulder, laugh a bit strange, smart people.

help but excited, rushed to, repeatedly said how The fox did not hurt you Some of the three did not react, stare at her, and then look fidget cube instructions at the back of a man sitting in a wheelchair, the last man to see the arms of the faint purple fox in the past Yu Si Feng murmured Xuanji you have encountered something strange Who is this man That fox Xuanji too excited, incoherent to how they encountered shark people, how to find Tianji Ge purple fox true body, how again the purple fox wounded, and the last shark who came out to find their way through it, just listen to Have three staggering Ruoyu pointed to the fox Jing said You you can hurt her That surprised level, no less than to see the pig fidget cube on youtube will fly In fact, Xuanji is stumbled, but there is always a child of a good heart Benefits like to embrace their own body, the moment laughed Yes I use the fire to her, and she was frightened fainted If the jade secretly shaking his head, or some skeptical, Zhong Minyan seems to think of what the past, ineffective lip does not speak, so Yu Si Feng step.ical into the sky, the tail of a folder, fidget cube demonstration creak to panic shouting, trying to run for the door and fled Xuanji where to get her escape, fingers a ride, heart free to move, instantly call out a dozen huge dragon, roared toward the door, blocking the path Purple Fox relied on thirty six robbery, fear fidget cube japan of fire and water, the eyes are not blinking to move forward, who knows just touched the dragon body, speak to a sharp pain, fidget cube on youtube the body has been burned in general She screamed, hastily dodge, bow their heads to see their beautiful thick purple hair, has been burned a large chunk Is Samadhi real fire Purple fox too late to cry, I glimpse my fidget cube greenyellow eye corner of the road like a ghostly white figure blinked to the side, she Baotoushucuan, but circling around the flames, no way to escape, only anxious creak barking Hear the wind behind the ear, she desperately back, that terrible white girl, Yi Mei flying in the fire in the flickering Deep eyes not bottomed out, the surface is a trace of expression is also no She knows what kind of look will be exp.od talk again The original Zhong Minyan and Ruoyu in the evening also encountered a gang of black demon raid, those who look like a strict standard organization, unified wearing black, white iron ring hanging at the waist, led to the only demon, but also with The Bi Fangbiao Bi Fang is the ancient demons, they actually can grasp so much help Chu Lei also could not help but shock Zhong Minyan rubbed the forehead, continued I and Ruoyu were wounded, no way to escape, had jumped into Hongze Lake, was the bottom of the undercurrent rushed far away, barely able to land the next day, Family good heart people at home to recover Oh, is the big brother s home He pointed to the man lying on the bench opposite, the man still in a coma, the nose kept bleeding, a few Floating Yu Island disciples are carefully take care of him When the injury is almost faster and better, we began in the vicinity of the high mountains and search, want to find their trace of Xuanji Linglong, but to find a few days did not find, then we thought perhaps fidget cube wiki they Lin.

Fidget Cube On Youtube d, only the teeth bite giggle ring Ukrainian child suddenly clapped his hands, was surprised to see a moment after pouring out a dozen demons hall, previously with them in the demon is also one of them The two hearts is aghast and is fortunate, but fortunately did not choose and his fight, or else he called out in the back of these demons, they all have to die Wounded the man to the wound, still sent back Wu child gas leisurely commanded, Hall of these people do dragged out to feed the dead dog, also alive on their own to get out on the drug Use something The demons have to listen to fidget cube on youtube the public order, and soon, the pavilion was to clean up clean They are whether those Regulus sent his disciples is really dead or coma, who can not go out of their own, as the dead were lost to feed the day dog Minmin see him so cruel, the heart is also some chills But listening to Wu Tong laughed You will not be very strange, with the mysterious cloud Dafa come in the mountains, incense burns quickly, others can go back, but you can not go back speak more close to the front, that dark heavier cold Not the cold winter months of frozen, nor deep cave cold the kind of cold, it is the pores of fear, as if the activities, will get into the internal organs, like venom Xuanji suddenly ah a cry, horror pointing to the front She did not have to say, everyone also saw, was opened the ill Hill, revealing a huge broad hole, which dark like a thick ink, what can not see, and the hole gush a large number of green evil, some head On the long horns, and some tongue has been spit to the chest each one is bizarre, unheard of These wailing, crying, or laughing, shoved from the hole, from the depths of hell, like a volcanic eruption, like the rapid emission, toward a rare free world God Yu Tulai waved a huge hand in the back, there is not about to drive them, the whip sound from the Po Kong sound piercing, buzzing in the ears, even the surface feel that the huge Fluctuation Xuan Ji see them gradually came here, they quickly got into the hiding in the leaves of stature, like them to g.

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